Supersonic wave drive motor


PURPOSE:To enhance the efficiency of a supersonic wave drive motor without causing a disturbing vibration by providing a groove at a distance specially controlled in a stator. CONSTITUTION:A supersonic wave drive motor has a stator 1, a rotor 2, the stator 1 is supported to a stator support provided at a stator stationary base 3, and an exciter 8 bonded with a member of iron for forming a piezoelectric unit and the drive surface 6 is supported. The rotor 2 has a ring-shaped driven surface 9, and a rotational shaft 10 at the center. In this case, a groove 11 is formed on the drive surface 6 of the vibrating member, and the entire thickness t of the member and the depth of the groove 11 are set to 1/5t. Further, one wavelength of the driver is lambda, and when the entire driver is vibrated by supersonic wave (m), the number of the grooves 11 is formed in the vibrating range of mXlambda. Thus, uniform vibration distribution can be obtained in the entire drive surface 6.




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