Cleaning cassette


PURPOSE: To stably remove a foreign matter such as dust and trash on an objective lens by generating an air current toward an optical system facing the surface of a cassette when the cassette is rotated. CONSTITUTION: A disk 1A is housed in the internal part of a cleaning cassette 1 and on a surface in the lower side of the disk 1A, plural grooves 1B are formed to be radially extended in the outer peripheral direction of the disk 1A. Thus, when the foreign matter such as the dust and trash, etc., is stuck to the part of an upper surface 5A of an objective lens 5 and information can not be recorded or reproduced on the disk 1A by normal laser power, the cassette 1 is used. By rotating the disk 1A which is provided in the internal part of this cassette 1 and fixed to a turn table 9, an air current 20 is generated by the grooves 1B on a disk surface 1C facing the optical head 6 and the foreign matter such as the dust and trash, etc, stuck to the upper surface 5a of the lens 5 are blown off. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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