Home voting terminal equipment


PURPOSE: To receive lots of users information simultaneously and to send a correct voting data to a center by displaying the information extracted from a sub audio signal of a television broadcast onto a screen and sending the data inputted by the user to the center when it is correct and voting it. CONSTITUTION: A sub audio signal is extracted from a television broadcast signal received by a multiplex demodulator 7, a signal extraction section 8 extracts information from the sub audio signal, displays it on a screen and a data fetch collation section 9-1 fetches the data inputted from the user and collates it with the information extracted from the sub audio signal. When it is correct, a line control section 12 makes dialing and sends the information voting data) to the center for voting via a line corresponding to the call command from the user. Thus, lots of users receive the information simultaneously to send a correct voting data to the center. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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