Network constitution data processor


PURPOSE: To make a network constitution data processor to be highly precise by permitting an input unit to divide a signal value space, allotting the attribute functions of input signal values to respective spaces, calculating the attribute values for the number of the functions when the input signal values are received so as to distribute them to the corresponding unit. CONSTITUTION: Attribute value calculation units 1'-h to 1-n are connected to more than one specified input units (UN) 1'-h and they calculate the attribute value corresponding to the input signal value to be received in accordance with the allocated attribute function and distribution-process it to the constitution units of a network structure part 11 being the output destination of UN1'-h. When the structure part 11 is hierarchy structure, UN1'-h and a basic unit (UB) 1 which receives plural inputs and an internal state value which is to be multiplied to the inputs, and which executes a processing so as to obtain an output by obtaining the sum of product value, converting it by a threshold function are constituted as the constitution units. Thus, plural UN1-h constitute an input layer, plural UB1-i constitute an intermediate layer and plural UB 1-j constitute an output layer. Then, prescribed connection is executed and the processing is attained. Thus, the processor is made to be highly precise. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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