Coating device for photosensitive body


PURPOSE: To form a photosensitive film having a uniform film thickness by controlling a speed of passing a cylindrical substrate, that is, a coating speed in forming the photosensitive film by passing the substrate in a photosensitive fluid. CONSTITUTION: The photosensitive fluid 20 is contained in a circular coating fluid vessel 10 set horizontally, and the cylindrical substrate of the photosensitive body 21 is set so as to fit its outer circumference to the inside of the central circular hole of the vessel 10 and the substrate is passed through the hole in the upward perpendicular direction in the coating fluid 20, and at that time, a coating speed control means 6d gradually drops the coating speed at each constant time interval and the coating speed at the end of coating is made considerably lower than the start of coating, so the film 21 the thickness at the start is thicker and gradually becomes thinner, as the speed becomes slower, but the not dried coating film slowly flows downward, and the thicker film on the upper part becomes thin, and the thinner film on the lower part is made thicker by falling down of the coating film, and as a whole, the photosensitive film uniform in film thickness can be obtained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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