Cloth dryer


PURPOSE: To improve heat efficiency without increasing temperature in a room by taking in one part of the sensible heat of discharged air and condensed air by a first heat exchanger, collecting the heat to air, condensing and removing the moisture of the air by a second heat exchanger. CONSTITUTION: Air 15 taken from an air horn 25 is thermally exchanged with the discharged air in a cloth drum 14 by a first heat exchanger 11, and the condensed heat and sensible heat are collected. The thermally exchanged air flows along an outer periphery 26 by the centrifugal force of the heat exchanger 11 for air blowing fan, passes through a heater 13 and goes into the drum 14. The air applied with thermal energy from the heater 13 dries clothes in the drum 14, flows again from the central part of the drum 14 to the heat exchanger 11 afterwards, is cooled and flows along the outer periphery of the heat exchanger 11 by the centrifugal force after condensing one part of the moisture caught from the clothes. Afterwards, the thermally exchanged air is guided through a duct 27 to a second heat exchanger 12, cooled by air 15' taken from the room in another way and discharged from exhaust ports 29 and 30 while further condensing the remained moisture. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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