Resin composition


PURPOSE: To obtain a resin composition giving a molded article having suppressed delamination tendency and improved appearance, impact strength, etc., by melting and kneading a saturated polyester resin and a polyolefin resin modified with a silicon compound containing hydrolyzable organic group. CONSTITUTION: The objective molding resin composition can be produced by compounding (A) 5-95wt.% of a modified polyolefin resin containing a silicon compound residue of formula (R is aliphatic hydrocarbon group; Y is hydrolyza ble organic group or OH; n is 0, 1 or 2), e.g. a propylene resin graft- copolymerized with ≤5wt.% (preferably 3-0.1wt.%) of an ethylenic unsaturated silane (preferably vinyltirimethoxysilane, etc.) in the presence of a radical genera tor, (B) 95-5wt.% of a saturated polyester resin (preferably PET, PBT, liquid crystal polyester, etc.) and, as necessary, (C) an impact modifier, a filler, a reinforcing agent, etc., and kneading the mixture under melting. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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