Thermoplastic resin composition


PURPOSE: To provide the title composition excellent in heat stability, etc., by adding three specified antioxidants to a mixture comprising a polyphenylene ether resin, a styrene resin and a rubbery elastomer in a specified weight ratio. CONSTITUTION: 15-80 pts.wt. polyphenylene ether resin, 85-20 pts.wt. styrene resin (e.g. polystyrene) and 0-25 pts.wt. rubbery elastomer (e.g. polybutadiene) are mixed together. 0.05-3 pts.wt. thioether antioxidant of the formula (wherein R is 6-20C alkyl), e.g. tetrakis[methylene-3-(laurylthio)propionate]methane, 0.05-3 pts.wt. phenolic antioxidant and 0.05-3 pts.wt. phosphite antioxidant (e.g. distearylpentaerythritol diphosphite) are added to 100 pts.wt. obtained resin mixture to produce a thermoplastic resin composition. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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