Display device for ras information generated by processor down


PURPOSE: To execute an external output of RAS information at the time of processor down without executing a special operation by constituting a RAS memory and a screen memory for storing a display character so that the display can be switched, and switching to the RAS memory display by an abnormality processing at the time of processor down. CONSTITUTION: A regular character display is executed by a fact that a display control part 4 always scans a screen memory 5, by which a character font to a character code on the screen memory 5 is outputted from a character generator 6. In such a state, at the time of down of a processor 1, the present RAS information is displayed instantaneously on the screen by changing a scan to a RAS memory 9 from the screen memory 5 to which a regular scan operation is being executed, through its abnormality processing or through a display switching circuit 11 using a down signal 12, etc., of the processor 1. In such a way, an external output of RAS information at the time of down of the processor 1 can be executed without executing a special operation. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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