Driving system for liquid crystal panel


PURPOSE: To realize the driving system which decreases the drastic change in transmittance generated by the waveform response of a liquid crystal by moving output timing in such a manner that the impression period of 1st and 2nd selection pulses outputted by scanning electrodes deviate by about half in a perpendicular scanning period. CONSTITUTION: This system makes display by dividing the screen of a passive matrix type liquid crystal panel formed by using the STN liquid crystal to above and below and has a scanning electrode driving circuit 101 and upper and lower signal electrode driving circuits 102, 103. The scanning electrode group T 1 of a display section 104 outputs the 1st selection pulse V2 of a positive polarity for gradation display and outputs the 2nd selection pulse V4 of a positive polarity for holding the transmittance at the place of 122H. The scanning electrode T2 has the 1st selection pulse and 2nd selection pulse of a positive polarity respectively at 3H and 123H. The scanning electrodes T1 to 120 on the screen move the output timing of the 1st and 2nd selection pulses successively at every one horizontal scanning period while alternating the polarities. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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