Embossed tape seal guide structure


PURPOSE: To make it possible to seal a cover tape on an embossed tape without slip by a method wherein at a sealing section of an embossed tape sealer, the end parts of an embossed tape and cover tape are guided. CONSTITUTION: An embossed tape seal guide 1 forms a side wall (1a) in such a manner that the embossed tape seal guide 1 comes into contact with both end parts 2a of an embossed tape 2 and both end parts 3a of a cover tape 3, and has supporting surfaces 1c which support the embossed tape 2 on both ends, and forms a groove side wall 1b while keeping a space to an outer wall 2c of a pocket part 2b of the embossed tape 2. When thermocompression-bonding is performed by a top sealing trowel 4 under this condition, positions of a trowel tip part 4a, both end parts 2a of the embossed tape and both end parts 3a of the cover plate do not slip. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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