Handrail for passenger conveyor


PURPOSE: To form such a handrail that is high in safety and excellent in economy by installing a protector consisting of a protective pieceprojecting as closing a clearance between a glass panel side face and a handrail opening edge and an engaging piece being engaged with a guide frame. CONSTITUTION: In the semicircular part of a turnover part Z in a handrail 4, there is provided with a protector 9 consisting of a protective piece 9A projecting toward an outer edge 4C of the handrail 4 from the side of a glass panel 6 as closing a clearance X between the glass panel 6 and a C-shaped sectional opening 4A, an opening edge 4B and an engaging piece 9B being engaged with a projection 7A of a guide frame 7. Since this protector 9 is of such a resin- based material as being relatively lible to be bent, if it is attached to the guide frame 7 of metal material, there is such an economic effect as being set up along the curved form naturally. In addition, as it accurately goes along a turnover locus of the handrail 4, a clearance δ is kept uniformly, and if a fingertip enters, this clearance is deformed easily, leading to such a safety effect as not pressing the fingertip strongly. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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