Doppler flow detecting device and its usage


PURPOSE: To accurately measure the volumetric flow of blood in a vessel by using the first and second arrays of an ultrasonic transducer to receive Doppler shifted ultrasonic energy at intravascular body fluid speed, and measuring speeds. CONSTITUTION: An ultrasonic transducer 60 has a center array 62 and second arrays 64N to 64W, and when the arrays 64N to 64W are arranged to receive the same Doppler output, the fields of the arrays 62, 64N to 64W are centered on an aorta 20. Doppler signals which the three annular elements 62 2 to 62 4 of the center array 62 received are summed to enable calculation of time average speed of blood in a broad sample volume and the total Doppler outputs. Thus in relation to a physiological lumen whose volumetric flow is to be measured, appropriate alignment of sample volumes can be made easily, and the volumetric flow of blood in a vessel can be measured accurately. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO




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