Alumina-magnesia-carbon based refractory


PURPOSE: To provide the title refractory having excellent corrosion property and residual expansible property and reduced in damage of material by using magnesia crude grain coated with a specific amount of alumina fine powder as a magnesia raw material. CONSTITUTION: 5-30 pts.wt. alumina fine powder for granulation is applied to 100 pts.wt. magnesia crude grain. Then the coated magnesia crude grain used as a magnesia raw material is blended with an alumina refractory, a carbon material and carbon binder (e.g. tar). Then the blend is sufficiently kneaded and dried to afford the unburned alumina-magnesia-carbon based refractory material, which is as necessary burned in non-oxidizing atmosphere to provide the burnt product. Furthermore, metal silicon powder, Al powder, Mg powder, silicon carbide, etc., can be further blended therewith so as to improve spalling resistance and prevent slag and oxidation. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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