Data reproducing device


PURPOSE: To read out data at high speed by providing a control part to fetch data when these data are discriminated as the necessary after decoding data, and transmitting the absolute position information recorded through the control part to a recording/reproducing part. CONSTITUTION: The address data are produced by an address generating circuit 16 with an instruction of a CPU 15 and turned into the subcode data by a subcode encoder 17. This subcode data is sent to a CD recording/reproducing device 1. When the address data is supplied to the device 1, a pickup is moved to the address that is pointed based on the address information. Thus the corresponding area is reproduced. When the pointed address area is reproduced, the reproduced digital data is outputted via an output terminal 4 and supplied to a CD ROM controller 10. A subcode detecting circuit 13 of the controller 10 detects a subcode. Then the controller 10 checks the pointed address and at the same time carries out the parity check. It is discriminated whether the address of the detected reproduced area is coincident with the recording address of the necessary data or not. In such constitution, the necessary data can be immediately obtained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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