Method for mounting electronic component


PURPOSE: To increase a reliability of mounting electronic components largely making it possible to select a suitable nozzle from among a large, middle and small nozzle according to the size of the electronic component by constituting the mounting so that a sucking nozzle can be changed over to a predetermined one after resetting it once or without resetting it. CONSTITUTION: First of all, when changing over a large nozzle 4 to a middle nozzle 6, the large nozzle 4 is engaged with a hook 9 and is anchored to it by lifting a fork 11 by a first stroke S 1 . Thereby, the state in which the middle nozzle 6 and a small nozzle 8 are located at a lower position results. Further, the middle nozzle 6 is lifted too by lifting the large nozzle 4 by a second stroke S 2 , and the large nozzle 4 and the middle nozzle 6 are anchored to the hook 9 to engage with it. Thereby, the state in which the small nozzle 8 is located at the lower position results. Then, in order to return the respective nozzles 4, 6, 8 to the lower position, the hook 9 is fluctuated by lifting a lever 12, and the large nozzle 4 and the middle nozzle 6 are released to return them to the lower position. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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