Method and device for pruning


PURPOSE:To easily perform pruning by providing a means to obtain the maximum value and the minimum value at every coordinate when write is performed on a list memory, and a means to perform the representative discrimination of obtained maximum value and minimum value from a clipping boundary value. CONSTITUTION:The device is equipped with a double buffer memory 1, a register file 3 as a holding means to hold the boundary value of a clipping window, minimum value detecting parts 4x-4z which extract and hold the minimum value at every coordinate, and maximum value detecting parts 5x-5z which extract and hold the maximum value at every coordinate. Furthermore, the device is equipped with comparators 6, 7 which discriminate whether or not the whole of a corresponding polygon is located at a position outside a clipping area based on size relation between a detected value and a held value. In such a way, it is possible to attain the pruning performed by a clipping processor in a conventional system, and to reduce a load on a clipping processor, and also, to omit the clipping processor by performing clipping processing with another hardware.




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