Picture input device

  • Inventors: JINNAI SHIGERU
  • Assignees: Canon Inc
  • Publication Date: August 29, 1991
  • Publication Number: JP-H03198471-A


PURPOSE: To obtain a picture input device with satisfactory operability by controlling a lighting means so as to be forcedly turned off when an image pickup means is directed in a direction excepting for a platen. CONSTITUTION: A camera 2 is fixed to a horizontal support part 3, supported and equipped with a color photoelectric conversion part as an image pickup means A to execute the photoelectric conversion of a picture 1a on a platen 1. A lighting device 5 as a lighting means C, which is arranged at an upper part on the both sides of the platen 1, is used when the surface of the platen 1 is dark, and can be turned ON/OFF by a switch 6. When the image pickup means A is directed in the direction excepting for the platen 1 by moving the supporting means B, a control means D controls the lighting means C so as to forcedly turn it oft. Thus, the picture input device with satisfactory operability can be obtained. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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