Cordless telephone set


PURPOSE: To send a message at transfer from a slave station to a slave station by providing a transfer means recording a signal from an optional slave set and transferring a reproduced recording signal to other slave set in a master set. CONSTITUTION: When a transfer switch 14 of a slave set 10 is depressed, a control section 13 detects it to set the transfer mode and sends a command signal representing start of recording. The control section 7 receives the recording command signal to hold a telephone line and selects a changeover switch 4 from the position of a terminal (a) to a terminal (b) while acquiring the telephone line. Moreover, the control section 7 starts a recording/reproduction section 5 to bring the recording/reproduction section 5 into the recordable state. The user of the slave set 10 inputs a message desired to be sent from a microphone 16. Then the slave set 10 is hooked on. The control section 7 of the master set 1 calls the slave set 20 to give an incoming command to a control section 23 in the slave set 20. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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