Image forming device


PURPOSE: To improve separation from a photosensitive drum and to execute uniform transfer without irregularity by electrostatically charging a transfer material and simultaneously forming a not-transfer area on the leading edge part of the transfer material. CONSTITUTION: When the rotation of a paper feeding roller 53 is started, the leading edge part of a recording paper P is sent between an elastic brush 65 and a transfer belt 71. Here, electric charge is injected to the paper P. Then, the paper P is uniformly electrostatically charged, attracted by the belt 71 and carried to a transfer part 160. A power source for transfer of a transfer unit 16 is turned on when the prescribed length of the leading edge of the paper P passes through the trnasfer part 160 and the transfer of a toner image is started. When the transfer is finished and the paper P passes through the transfer part 160, the belt 71 is separated from the photosensitive drum 10 and the brush 65. By such operation control, the non-transfer area and a non-image area are formed on the leading edge part of the paper P. Since the non-transfer area is kept in the electrostatically charged as it is state by the brush 65, the paper P is attracted by the belt 71 after the toner image is transferred and the separation from the drum 10 is improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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