Controller for image forming device


PURPOSE:To simplify the access of a user program and to realize control by providing the user program at every identification code dedicated to respective operators, selecting the program with the aid of a selection means and outputting the execution command of a copying mode with the aid of a control means. CONSTITUTION:When data is registered, a superintendent registers the identification code to an identification code storage device 1 by ten keys while depressing a register key. An identification code collation part 4 collates the identification code inputted from an identification code input part 3 with the data of the device 1 in order to know whether it is already registered or not and sends the collated result to a copying mode controller 5. The controller 5 executes the copying mode corresponding to user program number information read out by a user program number switch 61 and information from the device 4 and displays the selected copying mode on a display device.




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