Activated carbon by high strength molding


PURPOSE: To obtain activated carbon by molding having significantly improved strength such as collapsing strength and wear resistance strength by kneading granular activated carbon, bentonite clay, and phospher compd., granulating, and sintering the granules. CONSTITUTION: 5-75 pts.wt. of bentonite clay, and 1-35 pts.wt. of phospher compd. per 100 pts.wt. of granular active carbon are kneaded, granulated and then sintered at 400-1000°C to obtain activated carbon by molding. As for the granular activated carbon, various kinds of the activated carbon such as coal, coconut shell, charcoal, and lignin can be used. The grain size of the granular activated carbon is preferably ≤0.5mm, and more preferably, about 90% of the carbon can pass through a 200 mesh sieve. Sodium bentonite or calcium bentonite can be used as the bentonite clay, and sodium bentonite is more preferable. As for the phospher compd., it is preferable to use phosphoric acid (orthophosphoric acid, condensed phosphoric acid), sodium phosphide, calcium phosphide, etc. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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