Digital transmitter


PURPOSE: To attain low power consumption by providing a switch circuit applying feeding to a loopback circuit only at loopback test and not feeding during normal communication. CONSTITUTION: A switch circuit 1 is inserted to a feeding path from a 1st output 30 of a DC-DC conversion circuit section 9 to a loopback circuit section 8 in a digital transmitter applying digital signal transmission between a station side communication line and a terminal equipment and feeding power to the terminal equipment through the reception of constant current supply from the station and the feeding path is opened/closed by a loopback control signal output 33 from a signal processing section 5. The switch circuit 1 sets the feeding to the loopback control circuit 8 only at loopback test and resets the path so as to avoid feeding during the normal communication. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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