Manufacture of gas discharging display device


PURPOSE: To improve emission efficiency of conductive light to realize a highly bright gas discharging device by forming a flow preventive layer on an outer rim of a transparent electrode in advance, and preventing entrance of a partition plate material onto the transparent electrode. CONSTITUTION: A plurality of belt-like transparent electrodes 2 are deposited on a window glass 1 with specified intervals. On the surface of the transparent electrode 2 organic paste mainly containing solvent with a high boiling point such as ethyl cellulose group high polymer and butylcarbitol acetate is adhered to form a flow preventive layer 6 of a specified thickness. Then dielectric paste 7 is laminated to a specified height between the plurality of the transparent electrodes 2. The dielectric paste 7 is interrupted by the flow preventive layer 6 so that it does not enter the transparent electrodes 2. Then by solidifying the dielectric paste 7 by thermal treatment at 580°C to form a partition plate 3. During this treatment the flow preventive layer 6 is baked to be removed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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