Resin governor for gas equipment


PURPOSE: To provide a resin governor for gas equipment which can be manufactured efficiently by resin molding and is light and not corrosive and satisfactory in the cost by making the tensile strength of the governor higher than 1,000kg/cm 2 . CONSTITUTION: The tensile strength of a governor formed from a composite material that contains a synthetic resin excellent in heat resistance and an additive which is combined with the resin for the purpose of raising the mechanical strength in the synthetic resin is made higher than 1,000kg/cm 2 . For this thermoplastic resin polyamide resin, modified polyphylene ether resin, etc., can be used, and for this thermosetting resin, one or more than two resins selected from phenol resin, unsaturated polyesther resin, and epoxy resin can be used, and its form is fiber or whisker. With this constitution, a governor can be obtained from a formed resin body, and it is light, non-corrosive, and satisfactory in cost. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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