Commodity sample display device for automatic vending machine


PURPOSE: To make it possible to distinguish commodities by horizontally arranging plural commodity selection button devices having length approximately coincident with the width of a display room in parallel with a vertical interval difference smaller than the vertical size of a commodity sample and displaying respective commodity samples as blocks corresponding to respective bases. CONSTITUTION: Each of commodity selection button devices 6, 7 is formed with the length shorter than the horizontal width A of the display room 4, and when both devices 6, 7 are horizontally arranged, total length of both devices 6, 7 is made approximately equal to the width A of the display room 4. The devices 6, 7 are horizontally arranged respectively on the upper and lower positions with the vertical interval difference D smaller than the vertical size C of displayed commodities. The commodity samples B are fixed to respective through holes 18 formed on the upper faces of bases 16 so as to correspond to respective selection buttons 16 and displayed as plural grouped blocks in each base 14. Consequently, the commodities can be displayed so as to be clearly distinguished by customers. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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