Rotary switch and its manufacture


PURPOSE: To save labor for assembly works by providing a clicking spring in a single piece with a cord plate continuously, mounting the spring on a rotor, and thereby yielding the spring for clicking. CONSTITUTION: By insert molding, a metal cord plate 4 with a contact pattern is provided at the bottom surface of a rotor 2, and a metal spring 5 for clicking in contact with the inside of a housing 1 is installed at the periphery of this rotor 2. This spring 5 for clicking is punched off from a metal plate by a press continuously, and upon insert molding of the cord plate 4, it is shaped as specified and installed in the rotor 2. Thereby the spring 5 of rotor is continued to the cord plate 4 insert molded in the rotor 2, so that the assembly work to the rotor 2 will be facilitated. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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