Linear gearing


PURPOSE: To compact the structure by configuring so that joining points between the runner part of a chain, a thrust rod, and carriage are positioned along a straight line extending vertically to the longitudinally stretching axis of the thrust rod in the center between end chain wheels. CONSTITUTION: A chain 105 is driven to a joining point E' and a thrust rod 11 is driven via a joining point E, and a lower situated chain 17A is coupled with a carriage 101 via a joining point C so that the upper runner part of the chain 17A including a joining point B is driven to the right, and a thrust rod 19 is driven to the right. The lower runner part of an upper situated chain 17B is coupled with a joining point A, and the chain 17B is driven to the right about the thrust rod 19, and a joining point D is moved to the position shown by a joining point D', and a quadraple transmission is generated between the motion of the chain 105 and the motion of the joining point D. Another carriage 102 moves the transmission device from the position placed on the carriage 101 to the position as extension of carriage 101 placed completely outside thereof.




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