Optical element


PURPOSE: To provide a light emitting element having high luminous efficiency and scarcely subjected to aging by forming a light emitting layer of non- monocrystalline silicon carbide and forming an electric charge injection layer of gallium phosphide containing a valence electron control agent. CONSTITUTION: A light emitting element 100 is composed of a substrate 101, a first conductive layer 102, a first electric charge injection layer 103 formed of gallium phosphide containing a valence electron control agent, a light emitting layer 104 formed of non-monocrystalline silicon carbide containing hydrogen atoms and halogen atoms, as required, a second electric charge injection layer 105 formed of gallium phosphide containing the valence electron control agent and a second conductive layer 106 in lamination. Thus, by using the gallium phosphide having a forbidden band width larger than a-SiC, a refractive index substantially equal to a-SiC and a low localized level in a film for the electric charge injection layers 103 and 105 for sandwiching the light emitting layer 104 composed of a-SiC:H (X) therebetween, the confinement effect of emitted light can be removed and the confinement effect of electric charge can be obtained whereby an electric charge injection efficiency, heat generation and the like are improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1991,JPO&Japio




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