Anti-slipping and sun-resistant bag


  • Inventors: ZHAI WENZHUO
  • Assignees: 翟文卓
  • Publication Date: April 06, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105455357-A


The invention relates to a bag. The bag comprises a bag body (1). Multiple parallel bead strings (3) are arranged on the bag body bottom face (4) of the bag body (1), and dip angles are formed between the bead strings (3) and the sides of the rectangular plane. The bag body (1) sequentially comprises a sun-resistant layer (1.3), a waterproof layer (1.4), a fiber layer (1.5) and a comfort layer (1.6) from outside to inside. According to the anti-slipping and sun-resistant bag, the bead strings are formed in the bag body bottom face, the dip angles are formed between the bead strings (3) and the sides of the rectangular plane, the bead strings are parallel, and therefore the bag is not prone to slip when placed on a smooth tabletop, and the requirements of people are met; the bag body has the good ultraviolet resisting effect, and in addition, the comfort during use is improved while the waterproof and sun-resistant effects of the bag body are guaranteed through the comfort layer on the innermost layer.




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