Butterfly slow closure check valve



The invention provides a butterfly slow closure check valve. The butterfly slow closure check valve comprises a valve body, two semi-circular valve plates, a valve shaft, two torsional springs and two slow closure devices. The slow closure devices are disposed in the centers of circular arcs of the valve plates respectively; cavities are formed in the parts, extending into the valve body, of main bodies of the slow closure devices; spring seats which are attached to the inner walls of the cavities to slide are disposed in the middles of the cavities respectively; springs are arranged between the cavity bottoms and the spring seats; one end of each spring is fixed to the bottom of the corresponding cavity, and the other end of each spring is fixed to the inner side of the corresponding spring seat; retractable rods are disposed on the outer sides of the spring seats, and the section of each retractable rod is in an I shape; seal covers are disposed at the tops of the cavities; through holes are formed in the middles of the seal covers; the retractable rods penetrate through the through holes; the through holes are provided with corrugated rubber pads; the bottoms of the retractable rods are attached to the spring seats, the middles of the retractable rods are sleeved with corrugated seal rings which are matched with the corrugated rubber pads, and the tops of the retractable rods are located outside the seal covers and tightly push the valve plates. The butterfly slow closure check valve is simple in structure, capable of reducing cost, good in safety performance and not prone to being damaged.




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