Line-marking ink fountain



The invention relates to a line-marking ink fountain. The line-marking ink fountain comprises a housing, a line box, a line box cover, a button, an ink box, a pressing plate and a fixing needle, wherein an inner cavity of the housing is divided into a line box groove and the ink box; a lightweight water absorbing sponge is arranged in the ink box; two sides of the line box groove are in rotating connection with rotating shafts at two sides of the line box; the line box cover is hinged with the housing by a hinge pin; the button is connected to one side of the housing in a movable connecting manner; the ink box is provided with a cover which can be disconnected and connected; a rotating handle is connected to a rotating wheel by rotating. The line-marking ink fountain is light in weight, convenient to carry, and convenient to use due to light weight; ink is closed in the ink box and is not easy to volatilize, so that the ink can be used for a long term; a bulge is designed at the front end of the fixing needle and can prevent the fixing needle from rotating and falling off.




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