Method for cutting lacquer tree to obtain lacquer



The invention provides a method for cutting a lacquer tree to obtain lacquer. The method comprises the steps of 1, cutting a first lacquer port in the trunk of a grown tree at the position 75-85 cm above the ground in the first year, and obtaining pulp; 2, knocking a lacquer nail into the first lacquer port in the second year, and cutting two second lacquer ports on the opposite side of the trunk at the positions 75-85 cm above the first lacquer port and 75-85 cm below the first lacquer port respectively, so that the first lacquer port and the second lacquer ports are arranged in a vertically stagger mode; 3, knocking a lacquer nail into the upper second lacquer port in the third year, and cutting a third lacquer port at the position 150-170 cm over the first lacquer port; 4, cutting lacquer ports in the same way based on the one-two-one rule in a circulating mode as the tree grows. By the adoption of the method, the yield is high, protection of the lacquer tree resource is benefited, and long-term high economic benefits can be obtained; trees are only slightly damaged, a wound heals quickly, resting time is shortened, and the yield of raw lacquer is increased. The method is suitable for various lacquer cutting ways and has a stable effect.




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