Planet-carrier for an epicyclic gearing and epicyclic gearing provided with such a planet-carrier



A planet-carrier (5) for an epicyclic gearing (1) having an annular structure (9), provided with a coupling portion (10) for being connected to a rotating member or to a static structure in an angularly fixed manner, and a ring (15) that is coaxial to the annular structure (9) along a transmission axis (3) and consists of a plurality of plate-shaped sectors (16) and of a plurality of attachment sectors (17), alternating with one another about the transmission axis (3); the plate-shaped sectors (16) lie on a plane (P) orthogonal to the transmission axis (3) and are fixed with respect to pairs of pins (19), which protrude in opposite directions from the plate-shaped sectors (16) and are adapted to carry respective planet gears (2); each of the attachment sectors (17) is fastened to the structure (9) by a corresponding pair of arms (31), which converge with each other towards the ring (15) and are elastically deformable so as to allow a relative movement between the ring (15) and the structure (9) under load.




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