Pestalotiopsis bacterial strain preservation method



The invention discloses a pestalotiopsis bacterial strain preservation method. The method comprises the following steps: firstly, bacterial strains are inoculated in a middle position of a medium; secondly, when hyphae grow out, a disinfection filter paper sheet is put around the inoculation position; thirdly, after the hyphae cover the filter paper sheet, the filter paper sheet is taken off and is put in a disinfection preservation pipe; fourthly, the pipe opening of the preservation pipe is sealed, classification and marking are carried out, and storage is carried out at a temperature of -80 DEG C to 4 DEG C. The preservation method employs the disinfection qualitative filter paper sheet and the EP pipe for storage, and the problems of pollution of infectious microbes and mites and water evaporation in the medium are avoided. the bacterial strain activation survival rate is high, the storage time is long, pollution is not easy, operation is simple and convenient, material consumption is low, operation is short, consumed time is short and the occupied space is small.




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