Method of preparing composite organic fertilizer from biological pharmacy mycelium sludge



The invention discloses a method of preparing a composite organic fertilizer from biological pharmacy mycelium sludge, belongs to the field of sludge recycling, and aims to solve the problems that in the prior art, the biological pharmacy mycelium sludge contains a large amount of antibiotics, cannot be directly buried in soil as wastes, and pollutes the surrounding environment, soil, and plants. The method comprises the following steps: step one, preparing dried mycelium sludge through a microwave method, step two, evenly mixing dried mycelium sludge, added auxiliary materials, and composite fermenting inoculant, blending to obtain materials for fermentation, and carrying out fermentation in a sunlight green house; step three, carrying out aging, drying, and grinding, then adding inorganic elements (nitrogen, phosphor, and potassium), biological potassium bacteria, nitrogen fixing bacteria, phosphor bacteria, and synergist, and finally granulating the mixture to obtain the fertilizer. The sludge mainly made of mycelium is subjected to a pretreatment technology, then a microbial inoculant is added, the fermentation technology is optimized, at the same time nutrients are added; the mycelium residues are used to produce organic fertilizer, the damage of mycelium sludge to the surrounding environment, soil, and plants is avoided, the waste is converted into valuable resources, and the method has an economic value and market prospect.




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