Half-dry rice noodle and preparation method thereof



The invention discloses a half-dry rice noodle and a preparation method thereof. The half-dry rice noodle comprises the following raw materials: rice, a starch mixture, a fresh fruit and vegetable paste mixture and a fruit and vegetable powder mixture and is prepared by the following steps of fermentation and preprocessing of the rice, mixing of all raw materials, twin-screw extrusion forming, aging, re-steaming, washing and cutting oof noodles, measuring and packing, post-sterilization, cooling and the like. The half-dry rice noodle prepared by the invention has the advantages of smooth and bright appearance, strong gluten power, good elasticity, natural flavor, long shelf time, clear finished product soup and the like, the breaking rate is controlled to be lower than 2%, and the loss rate of cooking is controlled to be lower than 4%. According to the half-dry rice noodle and the preparation method thereof, the problem of the existing rice noodle of single nutrition is solved; the ingredients rich in protein and vitamins are added in the formula, so that the product has comprehensive nutrients; in addition, any preservative, brightening agent and thickening agent are not added in the product, so that the product prepared by the preparation method has excellent taste and is nutrient and healthy.




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