Method for preparing pesticide auxiliary by use of spent bleaching clay



The invention discloses a method for preparing a pesticide auxiliary by use of spent bleaching clay and belongs to the field of waste utilization. Aiming at the problems of environmental pollution, resource waste and high difficulty in degradation of conventional pesticide auxiliaries, caused by adopting a burying manner in a traditional spent bleaching clay handling method, the method disclosed by the invention comprises the following steps: firstly soaking the spent bleaching clay with ethanol, performing sonic oscillation, taking out part of impurities in the spent bleaching clay, performing biological modification by virtue of fermentation broth, then mixing with additives such as magnesium sulfate, thereby preparing the pesticide auxiliary which is environment-friendly and free from environmental pollution. According to detection, the emulsifying ability of the pesticide auxiliary prepared by the method is improved by 20-30% in comparison with that of the traditional pesticide auxiliary, the wetting power is up to 10-18s, the seepage force is up to 98-99.5s, and the pesticide dosage is reduced by 5-10%.




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