Corn threshing mechanism



The application of the invention relates to a corn threshing mechanism. The corn threshing mechanism comprises a rack, wherein a hopper is arranged on the rack; an upper propping rod and a lower propping rod are arranged on the hopper; a cutter is separately connected with the upper propping rod and the lower propping rod; a rocker is hinged with the rack; a first sliding block and a second sliding block is slidably connected with the rocker; the upper propping rod is hinged with the first sliding block; a compression rod is hinged with the second sliding block; the compression rod is slidably connected with the rack; a wedge is contacted with the compression rod; a second elastic member is connected between the wedge and the rack; the bottom of the lower propping rod is a wedge surface; the wedge is contacted with the lower propping rod; a first elastic member is connected between the rocker and the rack; a cam is urged against the upper side of the rocker; a threaded rod is threadedly connected to the rack; a right end of the threaded rod is in the shape of a pointed cone; a spline rod is fixedly connected with he threaded rod; a spline sleeve is sleeved on the spline rod; and a first motor fixed on the rack is connected with the spline sleeve. Compared with that in the prior art, the cutter is controlled by a cylinder and the first motor to strip the corn kernels off, thereby achieving complete mechanized production and saving time and labor.




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