Seed-production onion seedling reservation drilling machine


  • Inventors: YANG BIN
  • Assignees: 杨斌
  • Publication Date: March 09, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105379472-A


The invention provides a seed-production onion seedling reservation drilling machine, relates to farm machinery, especially to machinery for seed-production onion seedling reservation drilling. The seed-production onion seedling reservation drilling machine comprises two parts such as a drum and a pulling rod, wherein regularly-aligned film-breaking projections are designed on the outer surface of the cylindrical drum, a rotation shaft is designed at the circle center positions on both bottom surfaces of the drum, the pulling and the drum are subjected to matched use through the rotation shaft, and a switch door capable of filling a material is designed on one bottom surface of the drum. Compared with the existing film-breaking drilling tool, the seed-production onion seedling reservation drilling machine of the present invention has the following characteristics that the seedling-reserving seed-production onion seedlings have characteristics of uniform row spacing, same depth and regular growth, and the field management is easily achieved.




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