Wireless resource management method for packet service



The invention discloses a wireless resource management method for packet services. The method is characterized in that a list including mobile terminal users and system information is established in a scheduler of a base station end, wherein the contents recorded in the list include state information of the mobile terminal users connected to a base station, the number of MAC channels and the number of service channels that a system has already used at present, the number of remaining MAC channels and the number of remaining service channels, values of timers controlling the switching states of the mobile terminal users, values of timers for recording the length of called durations after the mobile terminal users have already had services, the number of burst data generated by each mobile terminal user and the waiting time of obtaining service channels by the burst data generated by each mobile terminal user. The channel utilization rate of a system is maintained while MAC channels needed by the system are reduced under the same condition, so the overall performance of the system is ensured.




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