Network attachment method and system



The invention discloses a network attachment method and a system. The method includes: a CN controller receives an attachment request sent by a terminal and transmitted in a transparent manner via a radio access network RAN controller; the CN controller performs authentication of the terminal and accomplishes quality of service QoS processing, and an S1 bearer and a radio bearer are established for the terminal; and the CN controller sends addresses of network element nodes for data transmission and tunnel endpoint identifier TEID information to a switching network element. According to the network attachment method and the system, the conventional attachment process is modified to a certain extent, scenes especially represent high efficiency after the replacement of an MME, the signaling cost during the replacement of the MME is omitted, the process of establishing an S5/S8 bearer is omitted via the merging of the mobile management entity MME and the GW function, corresponding process and the process of address distribution are saved, and the end-to-end time delay performance in the novel mobile network is enhanced.




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