Formation method of semiconductor structure



Provided is a formation method of a semiconductor structure. The formation method includes: a substrate is provided, and a through hole is formed in the substrate; a metal layer is formed on the surface of the substrate, and the bottom and the surfaces of sidewalls of the through hole in a covering manner; a benzocyclobutene layer is formed on the surface of the metal layer; a photoresist film is formed on the surface of the benzocyclobutene layer, and the through hole is sealed by the photoresist film; baking processing of the photoresist film is performed; the patterning of the photoresist film is performed to form a photoresist layer positioned on the through hole; the photoresist layer is regarded as a mask, the benzocyclobutene layer and the metal layer are etched until the surface of the substrate is exposed, and the remaining metal layer is a redistribution layer; and the photoresist layer and the benzocyclobutene layer are removed. According to the formation method, the benzocyclobutene layer is formed on the surface of the metal layer so that the metal layer positioned in the through hole is prevented from being etched, the quality of the formed redistribution layer is improved, and the reliability and electric performance of the semiconductor structure are enhanced.




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