Production control system of metal powder materials



The present invention discloses a production control system of metal powder materials. The production control system comprises an ARM processor, a mobile terminal device, a signal modulation circuit, a PCI controller and a stirring circuit. The stirring circuit includes a motor circuit, a transformer circuit, a rectification circuit, a voltage-stabilizing circuit, a main relay circuit and an auxiliary relay circuit. The main relay circuit is configured to control the connection with the motor circuit; the remote control of production is performed through adoption of a remote intelligent device to allow operators to keep away from an operation field as far as possible and to prevent the operators from breathing in excessive toxic power or gas, so that an effective guarantee is provided for technicians' physical health; an auxiliary relay circuit is loaded for further improvement of the control safety of a circuit so that the safe control performance of the overall circuit may be further improved and the occurrence of control accidents may be avoided; and moreover, the overall circuit is high in control sensitivity, tiny in design, easy to use and the like.




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