Traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating phlegm-damp stagnation type stomach cancer, method for preparing traditional Chinese medicine preparation and application thereof


  • Inventors: SHEN DEXU
  • Assignees: 沈德旭
  • Publication Date: March 02, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105362423-A


The invention discloses a traditional Chinese medicine preparation for treating phlegm-damp stagnation type stomach cancer, a method for preparing the traditional Chinese medicine preparation and application thereof. The traditional Chinese medicine preparation comprises, by weight, 28-45 parts of armeniaca mume, 8-11 parts of kelp and 5-8 parts of semen citri reticulatae. The method includes washing the semen citri reticulatae, stir-baking the semen citri reticulatae in pots by slow fire to brown the semen citri reticulatae, fetching the semen citri reticulatae out of the pots, cooling the semen citri reticulatae and grinding and sieving the semen citri reticulatae to obtain fine powder; uniformly mixing the kelp and the armeniaca mume with each other to obtain mixtures, smashing, grinding and sieving the mixtures to obtain coarse powder, soaking the coarse powder in water, decocting the water thrice to obtain filter liquid, combining the filter liquid and concentrating combined filter liquid to obtain thick paste; mixing the fine powder and the thick paste with each other to prepare capsules. The traditional Chinese medicine preparation, the method and the application have the advantages that the armeniaca mume with effects of soothing livers and harmonizing stomachs is used as a principal medicine, the kelp with effects of softening and resolving hard mass and promoting urination and the semen citri reticulatae with effects of regulating qi, resolving lump and relieving pain are used as adjuvants, accordingly, effects of softening and resolving the hard mass, soothing the livers, harmonizing the stomachs and relieving the pain can be jointly realized by various medicinal materials, symptoms of patients suffering from the phlegm-damp stagnation type stomach cancer can be obviously improved, the living quality can be improved for the patients, the survival time of the patients can be prolonged, and the traditional Chinese medicine preparation is free of toxic and side effects.




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