Sweetening method for loquat fruit



Provided is a sweetening method for loquat fruits. The invention provides a culturing and managing method for improving fruit sweetness, quality, and yield, aimed at a problem that using a fruit tree sweetener on production at present cannot prevent sour of loquat fruits. Main points of the technical scheme comprise: spraying 0.6% monopotassium phosphate on leaf surfaces in a full-bloom stage of a loquat garden, adding 0.08% borax, and adding peanut bran liquid fertilizer; in a young fruit period, performing fruit thinning, spraying 0.7% monopotassium phosphate for two times, and adding the peanut bran liquid fertilizer. Using the above method can make yield of loquat fruits per mu improve 20%, and sweetness of the fruits reaches 8-10% (soluble solids).




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