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JP-H03183002-A: Magnetic recording device and magnetic recording medium patent, JP-H03183172-A: Optical element patent, JP-H03183775-A: Wear resistant sliding member patent, JP-H03183830-A: Toilet stool with ozone deodorizer patent, JP-H03183872-A: Linear gearing patent, JP-H03184223-A: Rotary switch and its manufacture patent, JP-H03184997-A: B cell differentiating factor patent, JP-H03185596-A: Commodity sample display device for automatic vending machine patent, JP-H03185861-A: Constitution of logic integrated circuit patent, JP-H03186112-A: Resin governor for gas equipment patent, JP-H03186149-A: Heating control device patent, JP-H03186200-A: Training tank bullet patent, JP-H03186966-A: Data alteration system patent, JP-H03187525-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H03187618-A: Evaluator for a/d converter patent, JP-H03187897-A: Saccharide rate quality controller patent, JP-H03188283-A: Hole sealing treatment of gold plated material patent, JP-H03188684-A: Semiconductor radiation sensor array and formation of solder bump patent, JP-H03188847-A: Teeth protecting and straightening tool patent, JP-H03189305-A: Structure of gland part for steam turbine rotor patent, JP-H03190036-A: Manufacture of gas discharging display device patent, JP-H03190050-A: Metal lamp and picture projecting device provided with metal halide lamp patent, JP-H03190384-A: Video signal switching circuit patent, JP-H03192095-A: Wire oscillation suppressing device for horizontally traveling type crane patent, JP-H03192858-A: Digital transmitter patent, JP-H03193616-A: Activated carbon by high strength molding patent, JP-H03193867-A: Method for metallizing inorganic substrate having through hole and conductive film-laminated inorganic substrate having through hole patent, JP-H03194133-A: Intake device for diesel engine patent, JP-H03194501-A: Inorganic coating film subjected to defogging treatment and defogging treatment patent, JP-H03194564-A: Controller for image forming device patent, JP-H03194577-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H03195240-A: Cordless telephone set patent, JP-H0319586-A: Color picture tube device patent, JP-H03197905-A: Plane optical isolator patent, JP-H03198471-A: Picture input device patent, JP-H03198701-A: Rolling-controlling device of ground-working machine patent, JP-H03198898-A: Washing machine patent, JP-H03200957-A: Rewritable photochromic optical disk patent, JP-H03201082-A: Method and device for pruning patent, JP-H03201599-A: Method for mounting electronic component patent, JP-H03201667-A: Picture recorder patent, JP-H03202789-A: Testing apparatus for packaged printed circuit board patent, JP-H03204022-A: Data reproducing device patent, JP-H03205016-A: Exothermic material for microwave oven patent, JP-H03205355-A: Alumina-magnesia-carbon based refractory patent, JP-H03205721-A: Gas-blast circuit-breaker patent, JP-H03205836-A: Optical device and optoelectronic device patent, JP-H03205858-A: Multilayer lead frame with alternate fitting lead patent, JP-H03205866-A: Memory device patent, JP-H0320724-A: Optical communication equipment patent, JP-H03207281-A: Wave step motor patent, JP-H03207742-A: Natural inorganic substance-like material and natural-like article using thereof patent, JP-H03207917-A: Gas turbine combustion device patent, JP-H03209154-A: Automatic appearance checking device patent, JP-H03209270-A: Electrophotographic device patent, JP-H03210249-A: Doppler flow detecting device and its usage patent, JP-H0321040-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H03210718-A: Switch patent, JP-H03211189-A: Handrail for passenger conveyor patent, JP-H03211917-A: Car stereo with built-in radio receiver patent, JP-H03212313-A: Embossed tape seal guide structure patent, JP-H03212614-A: Driving system for liquid crystal panel patent, JP-H03214333-A: Display device for ras information generated by processor down patent, JP-H03215268-A: Fixing bandage remarkably decreased in foaming performance patent, JP-H03215449-A: Conjugated dienes patent, JP-H03215552-A: Thermoplastic resin composition patent, JP-H03215872-A: Laser printer patent, JP-H03216606-A: Method for fixing optical parts by laser welding patent, JP-H03217444-A: Resin composition patent, JP-H03217598-A: Composite segment patent, JP-H03217767-A: Air conditioner patent, JP-H03218800-A: Cloth dryer patent, JP-H03218973-A: Silicon nitride-based sintered body and production thereof patent, JP-H0321957-A: Coating device for photosensitive body patent, JP-H03219951-A: Shape memory resin molded body patent, JP-H03221174-A: Coating finish method patent, JP-H03221715-A: Vaporization cylinder temperature safety device patent, JP-H03222058-A: Network constitution data processor patent, JP-H03222565-A: Home voting terminal equipment patent, JP-H0322275-A: Cleaning cassette patent, JP-H03222916-A: Steaming device of food patent, JP-H03223331-A: Imide prepolymer and its cured product patent, JP-H03223522-A: Coupling construction of fiber reinforced shaft patent, JP-H03224054-A: Sales amount estimating device patent, JP-H03225367-A: Liquid developer for electrostatic charge image patent, JP-H03225495-A: Automatic transaction machine patent, JP-H03225820-A: Improvement of film quality patent, JP-H03226541-A: High strength heat-radiating structural member for package type semiconductor device patent, JP-H03226591-A: Partially antique aesthetic ornamental parts and production thereof patent, JP-H03228060-A: Photosensitive resin composition patent, JP-H03228227-A: Optical information recording system patent, JP-H0322839-A: Emergency generator patent, JP-H03229123-A: Pressure sensor patent, JP-H03230387-A: Dynamic ram control device patent, JP-H03230431-A: Contact structure of switch patent, JP-H03230495-A: Illumination device patent, JP-H03230689-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H0323140-A: Thermal transfer recording device patent, JP-H03232453-A: Preparation of acidic dessert patent, JP-H03232875-A: Production of gamma-butyrolactone patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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